Paradise Beach Purveyors

Welcome to Paradise Beach Purveyors, makers of Australia’s finest handmade Dips

And now, proud to be Australia's most awarded dips!

'Pesto Swirl' 'Australia's Champion Dairy Dip' 2015 Australian Grand Dairy Awards

'Tzatziki' Gold and 'Champion Dip' 2015 Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Show plus 3 more Gold and 4 Silver:

Gold: New 'Mexicano Swirl', 'Pesto Swirl' and 'Smoked Salmon & Wasabi Creme'

Silver: 'Smoked Trout & Chives', Smoked Salmon & Dill', 'Fig & Olive Swirl' & 'Chilli Crab with Thai Chilli Jam'

'The Beach' is definitely the best place in Australia for a dip!

Our devotion to dips starts with a huge passion for great food, wonderful ingredients, fabulous flavours and a belief that Modern Australian Cuisine begins at home, with Australia’s elegant casual lifestyle, which is so perfect for outdoor entertaining.

It certainly began at home for us, living at Paradise Beach on Sydney’s beautiful Pittwater.

We would often make fresh Dips to enjoy with friends, sipping a glass of wine, watching the yachts glide past and the sun sink behind tree covered hills across the water. They kept coming back for more and they would tell us that we should make them for everyone else to enjoy as well.

It became our dream and our mission to transform and uplift that great Aussie icon- The Dip by giving it the respect, the creativity and the quality ingredients that all food deserves.

Fast forward a few years of extremely hard work and now most food loving Australians can enjoy Paradise Beach Purveyors Dips and you keep coming back for more.
Thank you, we promise to keep putting a little bit of paradise into every dip we make. And winning Awards just tells you that we're keeping our promise.